Sirmiopark: the signaling service of free spaces in the Sirmione car parks

Thanks to the mapping project, the parking situation is always available in real time for residents, tourists and workers

Published on : 23 August 2023 This article is older than 6 months

Starting today, parking in Sirmione is smarter: the municipalized Sirmione Servizi, with the coordination of the traffic department, has launched the experimental phase of SirmioPark, the signaling service of free spaces in Sirmione car parks available at
The mapping project of the parked areas also provides for the positioning of new information panels on the territory, useful for tourists and visitors to know the availability of parking spaces in real time.

We continue as promised in the past months in providing residents, employees of the historic center, tourists and visitors with the information necessary to avoid unnecessary queues. The goal is that anyone arriving in Sirmione can have knowledge of the actually free parking spaces along the peninsula and near the historic center, avoiding unpleasant traffic jams as much as possible. – comments the assessor for traffic Roberto Campagnola.

The objective of the municipal administration is therefore clear: technology and new panels placed at the points of greatest influx into the Sirmione area to prevent unnecessary flows from generating queues in the area, generated by the over 60,000 vehicles that pass daily in the high season.

The SirmioPark portal is available in Italian and in English and provides the user who consults it with a real-time overview of availability within the main car parks in Sirmione – Monte Baldo among them in terms of capacity, with precise information also on timetables, the rates, the accepted payment methods and the geolocation which with a simple click allows you to activate navigation to the point of interest.

By visiting it is possible to access both from a direct link and from a QR code the SirmioPark Web App, developed for a more comfortable use from a smartphone. SirmioPark is also accessible from the tourist portal, within the section dedicated to all the useful information on parking SirmioPark is in an experimental phase and the technicians are constantly monitoring any calibrations, the areas covered by the first phase are as follows:

–    Monte Baldo car park (474 spaces)

–    San Vito car park (53 stalls)

–    parking in via XXV Aprile (127 stalls), divided between SOUTH Tancredi (93 stalls) and NORTH (34 stalls)

–   Piazzale Europa (51 stalls)

–    Monte Baldo parking area reserved for buses

–    Monte Baldo parking area reserved for employees

–    Bagnera parking area reserved for employees

Currently, there are 7,591 stalls in the Sirmione area, of which 2,109 are paid stalls (about 28% of the total stalls), 3,818 are free and the remainder divided between parking discs and other types.

It’s a process that started some time ago, also thanks to the ideas resulting from various sessions of the traffic and public works commission, which I thank for their constant commitment, which made it possible to kick off the project, obviously also to be integrated with the other areas currently not monitored , for which we are already working. We are also finalizing the evaluations on the choice of information panels that we will place in the area in the coming months.” – adds the commissioner Campagnola.

Sirmione records millions of vehicle transits every year which obviously generate critical road issues in certain periods of the year on which the administration, the local police command and Sirmione Servizi work constantly to reduce the inevitable inconvenience to a minimum. SirmioPark will in fact also be useful to the agents of the Local Police who manage the road system in Bagnera, as it will be able to give them even more precise information than at present.

In the coming weeks, project evaluations will also continue to optimize the loading/unloading area for suppliers and couriers who supply the activities of the historic center with an ad hoc project that will be defined, in addition to a booking system for stalls including those for buses.

The Giornale di Brescia dedicates an article to SirmioPark

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