In Sirmione when it rains

A rainy day whilst on holiday could upset or cancel some of your favourite activities around Lake Garda.

If you are wondering what to do in Sirmione when it rains, rather than stay in your room or at your accommodation, why not even create happy memories on days that are without sunshine?

Here are some activities that you can do in Sirmione and its surrounding area on any day of the year, but that are also a pleasant alternative especially on rainy days.


1. Tour of Lugana wineries

Valentina Duryagina – Special Award “Lugana di Sirmione Wineries” – Lake Garda Photo Challenge 2020

A wine tour provides the opportunity to relax for a few hours and to find out about wine production and bottling methods in a winery, and then to enjoy an unforgettable tasting experience directly in the vineyard from which the wine originated.

The wine cellars of Sirmione, located at the heart of the production area of this unmistakable white wine, offer the possibility of discovering or deepening your knowledge about the most loved DOC wine of Lake Garda through visits and tastings, guided by experienced enologists and producers.

You can contact each winery for information about the events and the opportunities they have to offer.


2. A day at the Spa

A health, beauty or relaxation treatment at the spa and time for yourself:  Sirmione puts its precious sulphurous water with bromide and iodine salts at the disposal of its visitors, so that a visit to the town also becomes an opportunity to enjoy all the preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative properties of the ancient Bojola spring water. You will find everything you need to know about spa treatments at the Terme Virgilio in Colombare and the Terme Catullo in the old town centre.

The Aquaria Thermal SPA centre and numerous hotels also offer services of wellbeing, regenerating baths, massages and beauty treatments.


3.  Discovering the MART in Rovereto

Cupola del MART di Rovereto
The MART in Rovereto

Rovereto’s museum of modern and contemporary art, known as the MART, is recognised as one of the most interesting cultural centres in Italy and it is responsible for preserving, protecting and displaying a precious heritage of around 20,000 works of art from the last two centuries and especially art linked to Italian history and culture.

As well as admiring the historical collections, it is also possible to visit and enjoy contemporary art installations:  in fact the museum often organises several temporary exhibitions at the same time. Visit the official site.


4. A visit to the Santa Giulia Museum in Brescia

Vittoria Alata nel Capitolium di Brescia
The statue the Vittoria Alata – Credits: Archivio fotografico Musei di Brescia

The Santa Giulia Museum is the most important cultural venue in the city of Brescia: it was built in the old monastic complex dedicated to the saint, founded by the Lombard king Desiderius and his wife Ansa, and covers an area of over 14,000 square meters.

The exhibition spaces house artefacts from various periods, from the Bronze Age to the nineteenth century, in particular from the Celtic, Roman and Longobard civilisations, and come mainly from sites in the city and surrounding province, recounting details of history, art and religion:  including the magnificent statue the Vittoria Alata (winged victory), which is one of the symbols of Brescia.


5. Shopping centres and malls

manichini nella vetrina di un negozio

Shopping provides an excellent opportunity to buy souvenirs and gifts for friends, or to revive your wardrobe, by taking the time to try on several new items and experiment with new styles and accessories.

The shops in Sirmione and the shopping centres in the surrounding area, have all kinds of products available, from internationally produced items to handmade ones with the renowned Made in Italy trademark.

Between one purchase and another you can take a rest-stop in the many restaurants and bars, or even in a bookshop.


Sirmione and Lake Garda provide the opportunity to do interesting and fascinating activities even when it rains.


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