Colombare di Sirmione

Colombare di Sirmione is situated at the foot of Sirmione’s narrow peninsula; it is the heart of the municipal area and a stone’s throw from the old town. Its name comes from an ancient farmstead that has now disappeared.

Until after World War II, a few rural dwellings dotted the expanse of fields that once lay here: today however Colombare di Sirmione is a residential area that has many local shops and businesses, tourist accommodation and services for citizens and tourists, including the Town Hall and the new Virgilio thermal spa, which is open all year round.


Points of interest

Attractions in Colombare di Sirmione include the large green park of San Vito, Brema beach and Porto Galeazzi beach.

The Church of Saint Francis, inaugurated in 1969, was built in the sixties to fulfil the desire of the rapidly expanding population to have their own place of worship.

The “Pietra Madre: il Menhir dell’amicizia e della pace” (Mother Stone: the Menhir of Friendship and Peace), a stone sculpture by Maestro Giuseppe Bongiorno, was installed in 2012 in Via XXV Aprile, at the beginning of the lakeside promenade.


The map of Sirmione

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