Sirmione in a day

Enjoy a day trip to Sirmione: discovering the “Pearl of Lake Garda” on a summer’s day means exploring the town bathed in sunshine. Walking around the town you can visit the monuments of the historic centre, enjoy some of the beaches and discover all that Sirmione has to offer.

Here is a small guide to make the best the most of the time you have at your disposal.


Sirmione: How to get there and where to park

You can easily reach Sirmione by car via the motorway and local road network.

You can leave your car in safety at the paid parking Monte Baldo car park, near the historic town centre, or you can park in the neighbourhoods in the surrounding area and use the shuttle bus that takes you to the entrance of the old town. There is a the picturesque lakeside promenade if you enjoy walking.

For further information on how to get there and where to park, please visit How to arrive.


What to see in Sirmione in a day

sirmione ponte ingresso al borgo antico

A day-trip to Sirmione in the summer offers suggestions and attractions to suit everyone.
In the morning you could visit the historic town centre and its monuments, with a wonderful itinerary from the Scaligero Castle through the town to the Grottoes of Catullus.
In the afternoon, you could relax on one of the lake’s beautiful beaches, where you could unwind or enjoy a sporting activity.


A walk through the historic town centre of Sirmione

il borgo antico di sirmione

With a pleasant walk through the historic town centre of Sirmione you can discover the monuments in the town that date back to different eras, from Roman times to the early middle ages.

Charming glimpses of the lake can be seen along the way and you can enjoy the vitality of the squares and alleyways.

Stop off to visit the little churches, take a rest in the green public parks and relax under the silvery reflection of the olive trees.


A visit to the Scaligero Castle of Sirmione

The Scaligero Castle of Sirmione has high walls, battlements and towers.  It stands at the entrance to the historic town centre, directly overlooking Lake Garda.

It is a fourteenth-century fortification built by the Della Scala family of Verona. It has an impressive ancient harbour that sheltered ships and intriguing paths through the courtyard and interior corridors.  Legend has it that a ghost still roams the castle, a knight called Ebengardo who died trying to save his beloved wife Arice.

The Scaligero Castle of Sirmione can be visited with an entrance fee, for further information visit The Scaligero Castle of Sirmione


The Grottoes of Catullus and its panoramic view of Lake Garda

On the tip of the Sirmione peninsula is a Roman archaeological site known as the Grotte di Catullo, which, according to an unfounded belief, was once the ancient lakeside residence of the poet Gaius Valerius Catullus.

Only the supporting walls of the Roman villa, which was built between the 1st century BC and the 2nd century AD, remain today.  The site gracefully blends in with the panoramic views of Lake Garda in its background.

The Grottoes of Catullus can be reached on foot from the historic centre or by a small electric train.

For further information visit Grotte di Catullo.


Relax on one of Sirmione’s beaches

Lido delle bionde a Sirmione

Sirmione has many different kinds of beaches located at different points along the peninsula, a long tongue of land surrounded by the lake.

In summer you can relax on the popular Jamaica Beach with its exotic atmosphere, or you can find many activities and facilities on the other beaches such as the Lido delle Bionde.  This lido has olive trees, a view of the Grotte di Catullo, a bar and restaurant, bathrooms, sports equipment for pedal boats and SUP, comfortable sunbeds and a long pier for sunbathing, as well as the possibility of bringing your dog with you if you have one.


Dinner in a restaurant in the centre of Sirmione

cucina di un ristorante di sirmione

There is nothing better than relaxing over dinner at a table overlooking the lake or enjoying the atmosphere of the historic town centre after a day of sightseeing and visits to the lake.

You can enjoy typical Italian food and lake dishes that satisfy every palate thanks to a varied selection of trattorias, restaurants and pizzerias.

You can choose a restaurant by clicking here.


Map of what to visit in Sirmione on a day trip

You can find all our suggestions on the map “Sirmione in a day” available on Google, which can be saved and consulted from your smartphone whenever you need it.


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