The Lake starts here

The Municipality of Sirmione joins the initiative The Lake starts here, a campaign conceived and promoted by the Municipality of Riva del Garda in collaboration with Alto Garda Servizi, Consortium of BIM Sarca Mincio Garda Municipalities, to raise awareness among all generations about the protection of stream waters , rivers and lakes and invite citizens to behave more carefully and respectfully.

The aim of the project is to make people more aware of the importance of protecting water, not only that intended for human consumption, but also that of rainwater which reaches the lake through road drains.
Garda is a very important natural freshwater reserve and represents 40% of the entire national heritage. The campaign aims to raise people’s awareness of the mitigation and prevention of environmental risks, the rebalancing of the ecosystem, the sustainable use of resources and the diffusion of a water culture.

From today, the drains in the Municipality of Sirmione are marked with cute fish that remind us that everything that falls there ends up straight in the lake. In fact, every day, through the manholes, we pollute our lake with cigarette butts, plastic and other waste. The health of the lake is also our health and we must take care of it.

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