Villa Callas

Villa Callas is privately owned and its external appearance has remained the same since it was purchased in the 1950s by Giovanni Battista Meneghini as a holiday home in Sirmione.  Meneghini was an entrepreneur from Verona and the husband of the famous soprano Maria Callas.  The villa was sold after their divorce and renovated in recent years.

The property is now visible from the outside and there is also a plaque commemorating Maria Callas and Giovanni Battista Meneghini.

The garden has also remained the same, as has the swimming pool in the shape of the Lake Garda that Maria Callas commissioned.

The villa cannot normally be visited, but on specific occasions during the year it hosts events and concerts that are open to the public. To find out more about them, we suggest following Sirmione’s calendar of events.

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