Casa del Pescatore

The Casa del Pescatore (Fisherman’s House) is located in the splendid setting of Punta Grò: a place for meeting and learning more about the culture of water, as well as an important space for reflection on the life of fishermen of the past.

The buildings that make up the museum site, once used for fishing-related activities, have been restored and rearranged with the creation of immersive and inclusive itineraries capable of accompanying visitors on a journey through time to discover the fish economy of the Sirmione community.

The visit to the site includes an external path, consisting of five interactive totems, where the voice of a fisherman tells anecdotes about the place and the daily life of the past and an internal path, through the warehouse of the nets and the real house, where it is possible to deepen and discover the secrets of the world of fishing. The museum area integrates interactive and technological elements capable of reconstructing the stories and settings of the past, immersing the visitor in a suggestive story.

The official website of the Casa del Pescatore.

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