The 5 most beautiful walking routes on Lake Garda

With its undulating territory and many areas of outstanding natural beauty, Lake Garda is an extraordinary destination for anyone who enjoys trekking, excursions and walks, whether short or long, in the mountains, hills or on the plains.

The territory has many walking paths through nature, from north to south and we have selected some of them to help you explore different places of interest.

Here are the 5 most beautiful walking routes on Lake Garda.


01. The Ponale Path

The Sentiero del Ponale (Ponale Path) is a wonderful scenic route that was once, until the tunnel was opened, the only link between Riva del Garda and the Ledro valley.

Sentiero del Ponale

Today it is a popular route for walkers that can be covered on foot (or by bike) in a walk of up to four hours, for a length of up to ten kilometres and a total difference in altitude of 600 metres.

The Ponale Path can be reached from the centre of Riva, crossing the Gardesana Occidentale road and following in the direction of Ledro; you can enjoy breathtaking views and adventurous walkways.


02. The Busatte-Tempesta Trail

Starting from the Busatte Park in Torbole, the Busatte-Tempesta Trail runs along the border between Trentino and Verona, covering  a distance of about 4 km.

Vista dal sentiero Busatte-Tempesta
View from the Busatte-Tempesta Trail – Source: Wikimedia – Author: Giorgio Galeotti

Surrounded by amazing views of the lake and mountains, with stretches that overhang the mountainside, the walk has traditional gravel paths and almost 400 steps of iron stairs built to go around the Corno di Bò and the Salt de la Cavra, the two mountain ridges that can be found along the pathway.

The Busatte-Tempesta Trail is suitable for anyone who enjoys mountain views and heights and offers unique views over most of the lake, almost as far as Sirmione.


03. The Tibetan Bridge in Torri del Benaco

The Tibetan Bridge in Torri del Benaco is 34 metres long and about one metre wide; it was inaugurated in 2019 and is a footbridge suspended 45 metres above the Vanzana valley, connecting the villages of Pai di Sopra and Crero.

Crossing the bridge is both fun and exciting and is one of the most intriguing elements of this area where, thanks to the many footpaths, it is possible to walk through the woods and on gravel and concrete paths,  taking in the most admirable views of Lake Garda.

The Tibetan Bridge can be reached from the village of Crero or from Pai, along footpaths of various types and lengths.


04. A walk on the Rocca di Manerba

A place where nature, history and archaeology meet, the Rocca di Manerba and the surrounding Nature Reserve (which also includes the Sasso and Lake Park) are a unique setting for walks and hikes with views over the lake to Sirmione and, on clear days, as far as Riva.

You can start your walk on the Rocca either from the village of Pisenze, climbing the paths that surround the hill and heading towards the top of the Rocca or the Sasso promontories; or from the village of Montinelle, which involves a walk up the asphalt road to the top. Another delightful alternative is to explore the beautiful footpaths in the park, such as the Sentiero del Carpino.

I sentieri della riserva naturale della Rocca di Manerba
Footpaths in the park Rocca di Manerba – Credits:


05. The Valley of the Toscolano Paper Mills

Museo della Carta di Toscolano Maderno
Credits: Museo della Carta

Hidden away from the Gardesana Occidentale road but within easy reach, the Valle delle Cartiere (Valley of the Paper Mills) in Toscolano Maderno offers a fascinating step back into the past, where you can find out about the secrets of paper making at the Paper Museum.

The unpaved and cement roads that connect the various points of the area are equally interesting: a beautiful route through the mountains, rich in views and nature, which can be enjoyed on a two-hour walk, to discover this valley through which the Toscolano torrent flows.


You can decide your own routes by following the directions on the different maps created for each of the walks.

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