The Inno alla gioia (Ode to Joy”), the work of Lillo Marciano, artist, curator and great friend of Sirmione, contains his last message.

Living in joy is the challenge that Lillo has entrusted to us: a poetic message for everyday life, a voice that awakens deep within each of us feelings of strength and courage to face the challenges of our daily lives.

Joy also lies in the ability to see the world in an original way, as suggested by one of the faces smiling at us upside down. An invitation to live together in a harmonious way without giving up one’s vision of the world.

The work was carried out in two different phases, between 2021 and 2023:

The stickers with the smiling faces were designed by Lillo Marciano on the occasion of the Mostra con il Panorama più bello del Mondo (Exhibition with the Most Beautiful Panorama in the World) in Punta Grò (figure 3).
The current work (figure 2), with the plexiglass installation curated by Mariangela Gavioli, was exhibited for the first time in 2023 on the occasion of Kiss Please, the 16th collective exhibition of the Sirmione artists.

The work is on permanent display in the Children’s Area of the Municipal Library of Sirmione

Not far away there are two other works by Lillo Marciano: AUTOSTORICIZZAZIONE e Kiss… Please.

The press release of the presentation of Ode to Joy (in Italian only)

The work is part of the itinerary:

Back to PIETRA&Co. Public art a Sirmione
(from Punta Grò to the Grottoes of Catullus)
June – October 2024

All the artworks by Back to Pietra & Co.

Figure 1) The work in its permanent location in the Children’s Area of the Sirmione Library 

Figura 2) L’opera esposta alla mostra Kiss Please a Palazzo Callas Exhibitions nel 2023


Figura 3) Gli “Smiles” di Lillo Marciano nell’istallazione realizzata a Punta Grò nel 2021


In the gallery, the drawings of the girls and boys from the Sirmione Library, inspired by Lillo Marciano‘s Ode to Joy

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