Geological Sirmione

A walk through the time

The history of Sirmione and Lake Garda inevitably involves the study of its geological formation: a strip of land that resisted erosion and ended up being surrounded by water, giving rise to the current peninsula and attracting tourists from around the world. The idea of this project: “Geological Sirmione. A walk through time” was to divulge the history of Sirmione from a geological point of view and to increase awareness to behave responsibly regarding the environment. Visitors can walk the streets of Sirmione with a different perspective: they can not only admire the Scaligero Castle, the Grottoes of Catullus and the timeless beauty of the landscape, but will also be able to recognize what lies beneath the surface of the town centre up to the very tip of the peninsula. “Geological Sirmione. A walk through time” is a booklet distributed at Sirmione’s InfoPoints or can be downloaded from here (Italian version with pictures) and here (English version, text only).
The project was carried out by the ProLoco of Sirmione with the students of Bagatta High School in Desenzano (a.s 2018/2019) as part of a work-related learning project. It was coordinated by the President of ProLoco, Luisella Baccinelli, the Geologists Niccolò Crestana and Giovanni Fasser taught the students about the geology of the area and the revision of the texts. The students (Alina Anjum, Giulio Bella, Sami Hassane, Martina Moschetto, Tiare Elisabeth Prati and Anna Sterza) worked on the preparation and development of the written information.

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