Historical centre

Sirmione, on the southern shore of Lake Garda, immediately strikes with a quaint old town that features artistic beauties of inestimable cultural value, panoramas of extraordinary beauty and numerous religious buildings of great historical value.

A walk through the old town centre will immerse you in the charm of the Sirmione peninsula, with natural views and glimpses of the ancient town that overlooks Lake Garda. Explore the beautiful sacred buildings and the many local monuments, including the remains of Catullus’ Roman Villa, the early medieval remains of the Church of San Salvatore, the Scaligero Castle and  Palazzo Callas, which have a lively yearly calendar of cultural events, music, poetry and photography.



Enjoy Sirmione

“Beautiful Sirmio”, a Silvia Frigoli video, 2° prize in Sirmione Award 2012 


The map of Sirmione


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