10 Trekking routes and excursions for families in Sirmione and the surrounding area

Sirmione is a wonderful place to spend your holidays with your family, and it is also an excellent base from which to explore many places around Lake Garda, especially if you and your children enjoy walking, trekking and hiking.

We have compiled a list of 10 trekking and hiking routes for families to help you discover Sirmione and the surrounding area and provide some suggestions for you to use straight away.


1. A circular walk in Sirmione’s historic town centre

Why not start your holiday here and take a look around Sirmione? Visit the old town centre using a circular route, where you and your family can enjoy nature in the town’s parks and gardens, the charm of the old town and the lakeside promenade.

Buganville nel centro storico di Sirmione
Ph. Vasquez Claudia

You could also start your walk from the neighbourhoods of Lugana or Colombare, or more simply from the Scaligero Castle, and explore the lakeside or inner streets. You will come across many local monuments while you walk around and fall in love with the lake views that can be seen here and there.


2. Trekking on the footpaths of the Rocca di Manerba

Rocca di Manerba vista dall'alto
Rocca di Manerba – Credits: riservaroccamanerba.com

The Rocca di Manerba overlooks Lake Garda, which can be admired in all its beauty and majesty from the cliff top.  It is an excellent reference point for anyone who loves trekking and is perfect for walks with all the family.

The paths of the nature reserve, which also connect this hill that is rich in history to the nearby Sasso, offer fascinating and adventurous routes for discovering the local fauna and flora and connect numerous walking trails and places of interest in the surrounding area.

I sentieri della riserva naturale della Rocca di Manerba
Rocca di Manerba: paths of the nature reserve – Credits: riservaroccamanerba.com


3. The fascinating Paper Mill Valley in Toscolano

Museo della Carta di Toscolano Maderno
Credits: Museo della Carta

The Valle delle Cartiere (Valley of the Paper Mills), carved out over the millennia by the Toscolano river and now home to a wonderful Paper Museum, is the perfect place to enjoy a hike that is also suitable for children.

Leave your car in the town, or in one of the car parks along the road, and enjoy the atmosphere of times gone by at the bottom of the valley.  Here you can find the remains of the old paper mills and the vats, in which the cellulose was crushed, walk along the stone bridges, admire the gorges and places of natural beauty.


4. By bike or on foot along the Ponale Trail

Sentiero del Ponale

The Ponale footpath is the old road that connects Riva del Garda to the Ledro Valley. Today you can walk or cycle along the path with your family and explore the Trentino end of lake Garda by following one of its most impressive routes.

Taking the path from the Gardesana Occidentale road, you can enjoy exploring the rocky tunnels and breathtaking views of the lake and walk through beautiful woodlands and towns that surround Lake Ledro and its hamlets.

The Ponale footpath is closed for routine maintenance until mid-March 2022.

5. An unforgettable trek with cuddly Alpacas


There is nothing cuter or nicer than trekking with alpacas! These adorable tame animals can accompany the whole family on a hike and create magical moments, not only for the children and young people who take care of them, but also for adults.

Some places in the Lake Garda area also allow you to spend time with alpacas: if this experience is of interest to you, you can go to the Maso Eden Farm in Cavedine, Trento, or the Elalpaca Farm in Caprino Veronese in the Spiazzi area.


6. Marvellous views from the Lake Garda Cycle Path

La pista ciclabile Garda by Bike
Lake Garda Cycle Path – Ph. Gabryele

In Limone sul Garda you can get the impression that you are walking or cycling on the lake water: this is what you can tell your children on the Lake Garda Cycle Path, which is suspended at a height of 60 metres above the lake.

The walkway can be accessed on foot or by bike shortly after the historic town centre of Limone and runs for a total of about four kilometres, two of which overhang the lake, as far as the border with Trentino.

You can enjoy its panoramic views both during the day and at night in total safety thanks to a lighting system along the route.


7. Inside the mountain, the Varone Waterfall Park

Cascate del Varone
Credits: Varone Waterfall Cave Park

The Varone Waterfall Cave Park can be found near Riva del Garda, on the road to Tenno, and it is a perfect day out for families. It has a marvellous natural waterfall that is almost 100 metres high, formed by the water of the Magnone river which cascades down inside the mountain, in an area illuminated by light effects: the waterfall can be approached in complete safety from the bottom and at the top thanks to a system of ladders and walkways.

The park also includes a botanical garden and picnic areas for families to take a break.

Orto botanico delle Cascate del Varone
Credits: Varone Waterfall Cave Park


8. Three trekking itineraries to the Waterfalls Park of Molina in Lessinia

The Waterfalls Park can be found in Molina, within the Regional Park of the Lessinia Mountains: its entrance is only accessible from the medieval village along a footpath.

Altalena nel Parco delle cascate di Molina
Credits: Waterfalls Park of Molina

It offers excursions with three different itineraries, Green, Red and Black, along which the whole family can go trekking and enjoy the fascinating environment of the Lessinia area in the province of Verona.

At various points, streams and rivers have created many waterfalls that are the main features of the park.


9. The Colma di Malcesine, a walk on Mount Baldo with a spectacular view

If you and your family want to challenge the vastness of Mount Baldo, you can do so with on a circular route that does not pose any particular trekking difficulties but that will give you the chance to admire a truly spectacular view: the Colma di Malcesine.

To tackle the mountain, take the cable car from Malcesine up to the entrance of path 651.  From here you can set off on your adventure, which is best from April to November.  There is also a children’s playground at the Capannina mountain lodge.


10. An unforgettable view from the fortress in Riva del Garda

Riva del Garda vista dall'alto
Top view of Riva del Garda – Source: Wikimedia Author: High Contrast

The fortified complex that overlooks the town of Riva del Garda was recently fitted with a panoramic lift so it can be easily reached in a few minutes.  From the top of the hill you can admire unforgettable views of the surrounding area. After the visit, it is possible to take a slow walk downhill with your family to the town’s lakefront and continue your walk from there.

If you are used to walking, you can take footpath 404 and reach, in about 95 minutes, the little church of Santa Barbara for an even more spectacular view.


You can explore all these routes around Sirmione and Lake Garda with your family: follow the indications on the various maps and select the trekking route that suits you most!

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