The art of painting with brushes and natural colors

Beets, spinach, fruit and vegetables of all kinds to work fantasy

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It is possible and very fun to paint with the vegetable colors and with brushes that we made with twigs and leaves, but how do you do it?

Natural colors cold extracted

With the help of a centrifuge (you can also use an extractor) we can obtain natural colors from some vegetables: carrot, red cabbage, beets and beetroot. No need to add water!

Some tips for creating the different colors  (in italian only)

How to use them

Tracing with a pencil, being very light, the outline of a vegetable (or any object) and then painting following the trace or … working with imagination

Special effects

Special effects can be obtained by adding fine and coarse salt, vinegar or baking soda.

SALT: if you add a pinch of salt on the color that is still wet (not too wet!), Shapes similar to ice crystals are created.

VINEGAR and BICARBONATE: if you drop a few drops of vinegar or a pinch of bicarbonate on the drawing, the vegetable color reacts … changing the chromatic hue.

Natural brushes/paintbrushes

We can use normal brushes, but we can also create brushes of various types and sizes with elements collected in the garden, such as twigs, leaves and needles.

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