Etna, a volcanic desert seen from the sky

A spectacular volcano eruption and a flight over the deserted and silent slopes, from the Sapienza refuge to the cable car

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Etna is a Sicilian volcano originating in the Quaternary and is the highest terrestrial active volcano of the Eurasian plate.

Its frequent eruptions throughout history have changed, sometimes even profoundly, the surrounding landscape, repeatedly threatening the populations that have settled around it over the millennia.

In this period it looks like a volcanic desert, as shown by a spectacular video shot last April by the Local Team drone:  Etna, tutto è deserto durante l’emergenza Coronavirus.
A spectacular flight over the slopes of Etna. Everything is deserted and silent.

Another Local Team video, in June 2019, resumed an extraordinary eruption of the volcano: Eruzione Etna, il drone sfida i lapilli: spectacular close-up pictures.
The complete sequence of images shot one step away from the eruptive fracture, with the lava flowing in quantity in the midst of continuous explosions.

Mount Etna has been a World Heritage Site since 2013.

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