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What's new for 2023

Published on : 13 March 2023 This article is older than 1 year

The tourist season is upon us and Sirmione is ready to welcome tourists and visitors, to enjoy its beauty, hospitality and services offered.

The Municipal Administration has always been committed to implementing interventions aimed at enhancing the territory and identifying solutions that improve the livability and usability of the spaces for citizens and guests.

To pursue these objectives, numerous pedestrianization days are planned for 2023; a measure that is part of a series of actions aimed at reducing the promiscuity of vehicular and pedestrian transits that make the livability of the historic center problematic, especially on certain days and time slots. As usual, assistance is guaranteed on the first arrival of guests of the accommodation facilities in the historic center thanks to the strengthening of the services available, both in terms of transport and parking spaces available at Grifo Parking.

The complex and delicate situation linked to the work in progress on the access bridge to the historic center makes it necessary to take actions aimed at managing the mixed transits of vehicles and pedestrians, some of which are being evaluated with the Regional Directorate of the Lombardy Museums. Measures that will be added to the anticipation of the entry into force of the summer timetable which will allow a greater reduction in vehicle transits.

More details are available on the ZTL REGULATION page, where, in addition to ordinance no. 18/2023, it is possible to find a summary scheme of the same.

The 2023 summer regulation of the ZTL is applied
from March 24 to October 14 and on days
11-12-17-18-19 March 2023.

How does the restricted traffic area work?

Information and contacts
LOCAL POLICE, Traffic Office / tel. 030.9909.190

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