Give a smile to all mothers

Let's get ready to celebrate all our very special mothers with many ideas to create original and imaginative handmade works

THURSDAY 30TH APRIL 2020 This article is older than 1 year

Sunday 10 May 2020 in Italy let’s get ready to celebrate all mothers.

portalebambini (italian website) offers many small, original and fun ideas to perform some craft jobs to give to mum on the occasion of her party: personalized glasses, glycerine soaps, a painted vase holder or an original bookmark made with wooden sticks.

DIY ideas to give a smile without spending almost nothing because never as on this day is the thought that matters and is enough to make mothers happy.

And to accompany the gift we also learn to make nice greeting cards with tempera and pasta as decoration.

Tutti gli articoli per impiegare al meglio il tempo ritrovato