The National Museum of Naples presents “Incontri di Archeologia”, historical review of the Museum

MANN guides us to discover its important collections: from Egypt to Magna Grecia, an evocative journey through rooms and finds (in italian only)

WEDNESDAY 6TH MAY 2020 This article is older than 1 year

For archeology enthusiasts and the curious, it is coming back the meeting: Incontri di Archeologia (in italian only) organized by The National Museum of Naples.

Meeting every Thursday at 4pm util the end of May on the  MANN facebook page 

Next appointment Thursday 7 May, 4pm (in italian only)
“A cold case: the Egyptological collecting of Giuseppe Picchianti and Angelica Drosso”
An overview of the Egyptian section of the Museum, established between the second and third decades of the nineteenth century. Most of the finds, kept inside the Museum, come from the excavations promoted by the Bourbon royal family within the Vesuvian and Phlegrean area, and from the private collections: the Borgia Collection and the Picchianti collection

All the suggestions of #I STAY AT HOME but I don’t give up the culture (article in Italian only)