Do it yourself Science. Discover the scientist in you!

Have you ever tried to do a scientific experiment at home? Have you ever tried your hand at preparing a chemical reaction or a crystal? Science can also be done with what we normally find in our homes

TUESDAY 5TH MAY 2020 This article is older than 1 year

To experiment with science you don’t need ultramodern laboratories and the latest generation of instruments.
Just a pinch of creativity, a good dose of passion and some videos created by DIYscience for us (videos in italian only)

For example, let’s learn how to make sugar crystals to play with the concept of solubility, or controlled explosions, the creation of milk plastic or effervescent balloons.

So wait, try it yourself and find out how funny science is!

DIY Science is proposed by  IFOM, research center dedicated to the study of the formation and development of tumors at the molecular level.

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