Christian Dior: the exhibition “Designer of Dreams” at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London

A journey through over 70 years of high fashion through 500 iconic dresses, archive photos, fashion shows and original sketches of an undisputed genius of fashion and elegance

TUESDAY 28TH APRIL 2020 This article is older than 1 year

Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams is the title of the largest and most complete exhibition ever staged in the UK on the maison Dior and on the designer, a genius in his field and an undisputed leader in fashion and elegance.

From the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London to Youtube, where the Parisian maison has made available the video of the retrospective dedicated to Monsieur Dior.

A virtual tour of sixty minutes to enter behind the scenes of the Parisian exhibition, led by the voices of the two curators Florence Müller and Olivier Gabet dedicated to the French designer and entrepreneur who relaunched postwar Parisian fashion giving it back international prestige and prominence.

A journey through over 70 years of high fashion, from 1947 to today, through 500 iconic dresses, archive photos, original sketches, accessories never seen before.

Master piece of the exhibition is the  Bar Jacket, the jacket that revolutionized fashion, symbol of the New Look, and that this year celebrated the 73 years since its debut in the salons of the number 30 of Avenue Montaigne.

For fashion enthusiasts and a few days ago we presented Cinemaddosso: I costumi di Annamode da Cinecittà a Hollywood an exhibition at the National Cinema Museum in Turin that tells the talent, creativity and craftsmanship of Sartoria Annamode.

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