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Coursera, in english and WeSchool, in italian, two platforms for distance education

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Coursera was founded by computer science professors from Stanford University, its platform offers free university courses involving over a hundred universities and entities operating in the field of higher education worldwide.

Free lessons and a certificate of attendance, however, in order to obtain official certificates a payment is generally required to enroll in an individual verification platform and to cover the administrative costs.

WeSchool: everyday we change italian school
WeSchool has as its mission the digitization of the Italian school and helps 2 million students every month with videos, texts and exercises curated by teachers and experts: from Massimo Temporelli to Umberto Eco. With more than 15,000 hours of training provided every day, it is one of the most important cultural dissemination projects in Italy.

Scienza della felicità
One of the most popular courses in Coursera is at the University of Yale where it was first proposed a few years ago is the Science of Happiness course, taught by Professor Laurie Santos.