Manerba del Garda museum and the pile dwellings

With its fortress dominating the Valtenesi area and the entire surrounding landscape, Manerba del Garda is home to a museum that documents the settlements that were found in this area since prehistoric times.

Together with the finds from the Lucone site in Gavardo, the Manerba Museum is an excellent place for adults and children to discover what life was like four thousand years ago among the pile dwellings at the lower end of Lake Garda.


Valtenesi Civic Archaeological Museum in Manerba

Located on the road leading to the top of the Rocca di Manerba, the Valtenesi Archaeological Museum combines the charm of the area’s archaeological heritage with the beauty offered by Manerba’s Nature Reserve at the Rocca, Sasso and Parco Lacuale.

Museo archeologico della Rocca di Manerba
Valtenesi Civic Archaeological Museum in Manerba – Credits:

The exhibition displays the various ancient settlements found in the Manerba del Garda area, with discoveries from the Rocca, Sasso, Pieve di Santa Maria and San Sivino, as well as a section dedicated to nature.

A multimedia kit accompanies visitors from one display case to another in Italian, English or German, providing an overview of the lower lake area’s heritage.


Lake Garda pile-dwelling sites

Among the many local museums around Lake Garda, there are also those linked to the presence of Bronze Age pile dwellings, which could be found at the lower end of the lake and that have been declared Unesco heritage sites.

Siti palafittcoli del Garda patrimonio Unesco
Lake Garda pile-dwelling sites – Credits:

The Civic Archaeological Museum of Valtenesi in Manerba del Garda displays all the discoveries from the pile-dwelling site of San Sivino-Gabbiano.
The nearby Lucone di Polpenazze site is well documented at MAVS, the Valle Sabbia Archaeological Museum in Gavardo.

Visit the Museum website for more information about events and openings.

For more information on other museums and pile-dwelling sites nearby, visit the dedicated page.


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