The MuSa of Salò

Museo MuSA a Salò
Museo MuSA a Salò – da Wikimedia Autore: Wolfgang Moroder

Inaugurated in 2015, the MuSa is the Museum located in the complex of the Church of Santa Giustina in the town of Salò.

It is mostly dedicated to modern and contemporary art and periodically hosts exhibitions and events.

It also displays the town’s collections that tell the story of Salò and its splendour in the Venetian era, the events linked to the inventor of the violin Gasparo da Salò and the Napoleonic period.

The archaeology section displays finds from the Lugone prehistoric necropolis.

The scientific section contains ancient instruments of the Pio Bettoni Seismic-Weather Observatory in Salò and the collection of anatomical preparations by Giovan Battista Rini, evidence of experiments on the technique of petrification.

Since 2023 there is a new and wide section dedicated to the Italian Social Republic, which tells about Italy in the period between 1943 and 1945.

Location and contacts

The MuSa is located in Via Brunati, 9 – 25087 a Salò (BS)

For information on opening hours, prices and current exhibitions visit the official website of the museum.


Via Brunati, 9
25087 Salò (BS)

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