Una parola al giorno

An adventure in the wonders of Italian to rediscover beautiful and little-known words (in italian only)

MONDAY 8TH JUNE 2020 This article is older than 1 year

“All uses of the word at all”: it seems to me a good motto, with a beautiful democratic sound.
Not because everyone is an artist, but because no one is a slave”
Gianni Rodari

Una parola al giorno was born in Florence in 2010, from the idea of two young people just over twenty, with the aim of rediscovering beautiful and little known words, words that we use in everyday life but of which we ignore the original potential, words that allow us to enrich vocabulary and thought.

Learning to take full advantage of words allows us to evolve from an often overlooked point of view: the quality of communication, with ourselves and with others.

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