The lights of the Castle illuminate the roots of Italians in the world

The Rocca Scaligera lights up with 1000 roots that represent the thousand-year history of Sirmione

Published on : 3 December 2023

The Scaligero Castle illuminated with roots is a symbolic lighthouse that guides travelers towards their origins: a bright invitation to return and rediscover Italian history and culture in a place with a unique charm.

The desire to return to Italy to visit and learn about the places of origin of one’s parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents: this is where Root Tourism was born, a unique experience of searching for one’s origins.

A form of tourism with a high emotional content and extremely important for our country, marked in the past by very substantial migratory flows (the number of descendants of Italian emigrants in the world is estimated between 60 and 80 million), capable of touching the the entire national territory at any time of the year.
The promotion of Roots Tourism has thus become a special project, financed by the PNRR and managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, “to increase the attractiveness of our villages and highlight their beauty and variety, combining the offer of goods and services (accommodation, food and wine, craftsmanship, Made in Italy, etc.) with knowledge of the family history and culture of origin of the new generations of Italians and Italian-descendants abroad”.
To pay homage to this project, the Scaligero Castle illuminated with roots becomes a symbolic lighthouse that recalls travelers to their origins: a bright invitation to return and rediscover Italian history, art and culture, starting from a place with a unique charm which is Sirmione.
The lighting of the castle was created thanks to the collaboration with the Direzione regionale Musei Lombardia, the Management of the Scaligero Castle, Gobo Service by Sunland Optics s.r.l. of Bonato Sotto (BG) and Serata Chic Technology of Montichiari. For the entire Christmas holiday period, those who arrive in Sirmione in the evening and at night will find the majestic Rocca Scaligera illuminated by a particularly suggestive and evocative graphic motif: a tangle of luminous roots that symbolically refer to our deepest values and our origins.
Sirmione can in fact boast a thousand-year history of human testimonies, from the Neolithic stilts to the extraordinary Roman remains of the Grottoes of Catullus, from the medieval jewel represented by the Scaliger Castle to the more recent history which has seen an impetuous development of tourist hospitality and activities linked to food and wine.
The exciting and original lighting of the Scaliger Castle, combined with the other lights that embrace the entire territory, will welcome and accompany tourists visiting the peninsula on the longest nights of the year.
We remind you that 2024, as the year of Roots Tourism, will be at the center of a series of initiatives and promotional activities aimed at involving an ever-increasing number of Italians abroad and of Italian descent.
Due to their strong roots towards their homeland of origin, Italian communities abroad can in fact act as ambassadors of Italy, also favoring the attraction of new investments and the development of political relations. Entire production chains can be stimulated by enhancing the relationship between Italy and Italians abroad, first and foremost that of tourism.
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