La mostra con il panorama più bello del mondo: Airplane Mode

The setting has started in Punta Grò

MONDAY 5 TH JULY 2021 This article is older than 1 year

Airplane Mode: the first work of “La Mostra con il Panorama più bello del Mondo” (The exhibition with the most beautiful Landscape in the world) is a clear and direct invitation to disconnect and enjoy the magical environment of Lake Garda, Sirmione and Punta Grò.

Meanwhile other artworks are coming to life.

The exhibition, by Lillo Marciano, was created to promote the encounter between the beauty of Punta Grò landscape and contemporary art.

The aim is to make families and young people discover creative moments and relatioships in an “ideal place” to live freely in the open air.

A break of naturalistic refreshment for Italian and foreign touriststs “with the most beautiful landscape of the world”, in an alternative route to the well known landmarks of Sirmione.

Street artists have been invited to intertwine a creative dialogue with the place, and make it for three months an extraordinary exhibition space in progress.

The artists will have the possibility to arouse wonder regenerating with painting, spray cans, stencils, stickers and posters abandoned buildings survived the work of destruction of time.

A photo-gallery with the first images of the preparations.