Richard Kalvar’s “Selected Writings” on the border between image and word

In the new book of the master of street photography we find the irony and acumen that we knew closely in the Sirmione exhibition "La voce delle mani"

Published on : 8 November 2023 This article is older than 6 months

Over the course of his very long career as a photographer, Richard Kalvar has developed a profound attitude of observing human behavior, capturing with his camera the ambiguous relationship between what people display outwardly and their deepest intentions.

In his new book Selected Writings, adding to the more than 10 already published, Kalvar relates what people communicate through actions and physical expressions to the more varied writings that accompany them. A jungle of words in which signs and meanings mingle along the way and generate unintentional but ironic and thought-provoking misunderstandings.

This same proverbial irony that distinguishes Kalvar in exploring human codes and behaviors, we enjoyed it firsthand in the exhibition La voce delle mani Maria Callas and the Italians, which opened in Sirmione in 2022: here, with the same amused wit, the New York-based photographer investigated the gestures of Italians.

We express our gratitude to Richard Kalvar for choosing to mention, among the many exhibitions he has done, the one in Sirmione in his biography. We also remember with pleasure the Street Photography Workshop he held, again in Sirmione in those same days in the fall of 2022.

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