Elliott Erwitt. Family

A family album by one of the most important living photographers: personal and public, historical and contemporary, very serious and ironic

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Nothing is more absolute and relative, changeable, universal and just as particular as the theme of the family.  The family has to do with genetics, social, law, security, protection and abuse; happiness and unhappiness.  Never as today is everything and its opposite, and nothing is able to heat up more souls, ignite controversy, unite and divide as the sense to be attributed to the term family.

At 91 years old Elliott Erwitt (who is an expert in families having married 4 times) is certainly one of the most famous and important photographers ever: his name is mentioned alongside those of Robert Capa, Henry Cartier Bresson, Robert Frank and other great photographers of the history and his production of images is so vast. It lasts for 70 years ¿ that he photographed a little bit of everything.

Last March closed in Milan, at MUDEC the exhibition Elliott Erwitt. Family, with 60 selected images that revolve around the concept of family and the various and personal interpretations that each can give.

Reopen the doors of the great photographic exhibition  Elliott Erwitt. Family: during 5 weeks
It will be possible to return to admire closely some of the most iconic shots of Erwitt, explained by a great expert in the art of the photographer and always trusted friend of the photographer.

The last opportunity to visit the exhibition Elliott Erwitt. Family!

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