Silent Squares and the Scent of Death: Scenes From an Italy Laid Low by Coronavirus

Lorenzo Meloni, Magnum Photos photographer, tells the story of Italy fighting the pandemic in an article published by Time

SUNDAY 3RD MAY 2020 This article is older than 1 year

“It wasn’t long after my ­arrival at the hospital in Brescia that I smelled something I know too well. I have smelled it many times working as a photo­journalist in conflict zones.

I do not ­actually know if it is the smell of death or the smell of a sterilizing product or something like a mix of both. It is a smell I am not used to when I hear people around me speaking my language, Italian.

I look around to take some pictures, but there is nothing I want to capture. I do so anyway, to try and justify my presence in this place to others. To justify it to myself. I want to believe that it is important for history. But what history will this story teach us?”

Lorenzo Meloni, photographer of Magnum Photos, published in Time, the American weekly news magazine, considered one of the most authoritative and prestigious newspapers in the world, an article about the battle that is being fought in Italy against the pandemic of Covid-19.

You remember Lorenzo Meloni in Sirmione just over a couple of years ago. He came on the occasion of Beyond, the photographic exhibition dedicated to Magnum and Paolo Pellegrin. On that meeting he showed us his photographs of the wars in Libya and Syria.

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