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Pensavo Peccioli,the cultural festival to understand "this strange courage or fear that takes us"

TUESDAY 5TH MAY 2020 This article is older than 1 year

“Pensavo Peccioli”, the cultural festival organized in the small town in the province of Pisa, tries to understand what is happening but also what will happen, now that a condition that may have seemed temporary and exceptional seems more lasting and that we have some element of understanding more.

It does this by talking to people who do important or beautiful things, or important and beautiful things, as it is in the original intentions of “Pensavo Peccioli”

Throughout the month of May, Cosa Sara will host a meeting with a different guest every day at 6.30 pm, (in italian only)

Next week’s guests:i Giorgio Gori, Jovanotti, Nadia Terranova, Marco De Michelis e Peppe Vessicchio.

Il Canale YouTube di Pensavo Peccioli dove seguire tutti gli incontri e le interviste (in italian only)

Pensavo Peccioli, il festival culturale (in italian only)

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