Church of Sant’Anna della Rocca

built in the middle of 1300s

Published on : 1 January 2020 This article is older than 1 year

Leaning against the walls of the Scaligero Castle, the church was initially a chapel that served the small community, the Captain and the twenty guards in service.
The building dates back to the middle of 1300s. In the fifteenth century it was decorated with a vault and the frescoes of 1500, followed by various painters, seem more than anything of votive nature.In the seventeenth century was built a local front covered, with a barrel vault.
In ancient times it was called Santa Maria del Ponte: in fact it is venerated a precious effigy of the Madonna and Child, painted on stone, which bears the coat of arms of the staircases.
Subsequently, but it is not possible to say exactly the exact period, it was called and is still the Church of Sant’Anna.
In the adjacent house there are three nuns of Santa Dorotea