San Pietro in Mavino Church

The oldest Church in Sirmione

Published on : 1 January 2020

San Pietro in Mavino, located in the historic centre, is the oldest church of Sirmione, it was built in the Lombard era, in the 8th century AD, and was then restored in the 11th century (as far as the Romanesque bell tower) and XIV.
It is a rectangular building with three apses on the outside plastered and without decoration, rhythmic only by the five monofore on almost straight shoulders, buffered for the paintings of 1321. The roof has wooden trusses and the interior, of an austere simplicity, preserves a pictorial cycle dated to 1321
Inside you can admire frescoes from the XII-XVI century: in the smaller apses there is a Crucifix with Madonna and Saints and a fourteenth-century Madonna Enthroned with Child and Saints.