San Salvatore Church

Founded between 766 and 774

Published on : 1 January 2020 This article is older than 1 year

Queen Ansa, wife of the Lombard king Desiderio, founded the monastery of San Salvatore between 766 and 774.
The church consisted of a single nave, marked by three pillars on each side and ending in a raised presbytery. The apsidal wall was rectilinear, with rounded ends and under the presbytery a crypt formed by three apsidal rooms opened. The central space, equipped with an altar, was larger and served as a sacristy.
Under the floor of the nave there were numerous burials. At the beginning of the twentieth century the building was semi-destroyed by the peasants who became owners of the place and the subsequent arrangement of the public gardens involved the removal of a considerable amount of land from that area. The restoration carried out in 1959 managed to restore the primitive aspect of the apse area and to bring to light the frescoes in the crypt.