Bruno Munari, creativity as a profession

Bruno Munari's home opens its doors to children with books, games and workshops that change their outlook on the world (in italian only)

FRIDAY 24TH APRIL 2020 This article is older than 1 year

Designer, sculptor, graphic designer, architect, writer and much more, Bruno Munari has contributed to changing the world of art through his visual and tactile experiments, thanks to a unique creativity of its kind.

He loved children very much, convinced that “playing is serious” and that children must grow free of stereotypes and help develop all their senses: because “a creative child is a happy child“.

The virtual space is dedicated to his genius “In casa con Munari“, (in italian only)designed for children, families and teachers forced home due to the coronavirus emergency.

La casa di Munari  is divided into rooms, just like a real house: the library, the terrace, the laboratory and the playroom,

Each room collects texts, stories and activities that can be carried out through common objects.

A non-random choice that wants to give everyone the opportunity, in this period of isolation, to participate in the activities proposed online.
The objects gradually made will not end up in a lost drawer but will become part of a beautiful virtual museum.

Bruno Munari on Wikipedia

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