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Public Art in Sirmione (from Punta Grò to the Grottoes of Catullus)


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Public art in Sirmione
(from Punta Grò to the Grotte di Catullo)
June – October 2024

Back to PIETRA&CO. is a project born in the name of Lillo Marciano, curator and creator of the previous editions of Pietra&Co., organized by the Municipality of Sirmione and the Consorzio Marmisti Bresciani (Marble Consortium of Brescia), with the participation of the Direzione Regionale Musei Lombardia and Grotte di Catullo (Regional Directorate of Museums Lombardy and Grotte di Catullo), curated by Valentina Marciano and Paola Cavalli, with the collaboration of Franco Ghirardi.

The project pays homage to the multi-year collaboration between Sirmione and Lillo Marciano, who has always been a supporter of art, territory and public interactions, of the timeless beauty of the Catullian peninsula, of the valorisation of the world of Brescian stone as an artistic and cultural heritage of the future and of a cultural dimension outside the places designated and limited to art. The initiative proposes an open-air exhibition route from Punta Grò to the historic center of Sirmione. Beaches, streets, squares, alleys and parks will become meeting places between sculptures made with Brescian stone, contemporary installations and people, to renew the relationship between art and the public and re-motivate the discovery of creativity outside the canonical places of art.

Bringing art back to the public and the public to art without losing intensity and ability to experiment, Lillo Marciano argued, for this reason the exhibition itinerary will contaminate everyday places, bringing people to an “unexpected” encounter with art and using precisely this surprise effect as a communication strategy to encourage even that part of the unaware public. A route that goes from Punta Grò to the Grotte di Catullo. Together it will allow us to see works in the most beautiful panorama in the world.

A special thank you to the Villa Cortine Palace Hotel in Sirmione

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