10 webcams of animals, to relax

Animals that live their lives regardless of the rest, to watch live as an alternative to the flow of news

MONDAY 30TH MARCH 2020 This article is older than 1 year

While most people around the world are adapting their lifestyle to the restrictions imposed to limit the spread of coronavirus, other animals continue their daily activities as if nothing had happened. Some – in zoos, but not only – are filmed 24 hours a day and can be watched live on the internet.

Watching them do their thing can be a useful way of getting distracted from the news flow, a good thing to do to maintain your mental health and not be overly stressed. For some, webcams showing animals can be a viable alternative to yoga or meditation.

We have collected some of these webcams, from different places in the world, to have something to watch, in silence, when one has the impression of having exaggerated with the articles and directives of the Civil Protection.

Animals cannot always be seen from streams (especially when they don’t live in zoos), because they move around in the open spaces and they can come out of the frame. You can go back to see if they saw each other 10 minutes or two hours ago, but also exercising patience and waiting for them to show up is a good way to slow down and free yourself from certain thoughts.

Some webcams are interesting especially in the dark, because the animals they show are nocturnal: we have also chosen some of these, for those who find it hard to sleep.

Giò & Giulia, the peregrine falcons of the Pirelli skyscraper

Giò&Giulia history. (in italian only)

White-headed sea eagle
One of the most watched webcams these days on  Explore, lthe largest online platform that collects direct animal videos, is the one that shows the nest of two white-headed sea eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus), the symbolic animals of the United States, which is located on an oak tree near a trout farm in Decorah , in Iowa.

This is the shark tank of the Monterey Bay, California aquarium. Bay,

Poultry: a nice chicken coop!!