On the Trentino side

This is the northernmost part of the lake, beyond Limone and Malcesine: the Trentino shore of Lake Garda, in the territory of the province of Trento, is the farthest stretch of the lake from Sirmione, before being enveloped by the Alps. Motor boats are not allowed in this area.

This part of Lake Garda was loved and celebrated by many Central European artists and writers; it is an enchanting treasure chest of small towns, beaches and areas of natural beauty, of which the two lakeside towns of Riva del Garda and Nago-Torbole stand out.


Riva del Garda

A characteristic feature of Riva del Garda is its Medieval Castle that today houses the MAG, the Museo Alto Garda museum, which is also of interest to children. Overlooking the water, the keep offers a wonderful view of the lake. Other places not to be missed include the Apponale tower in the town centre and the Venetian Bastion tower, with its breathtaking panoramic views.

Riva del Garda
Riva del Garda aerial view – Source: Pixabay – Author: flyupmike

Around Riva you can relax on Sabbioni beach, or venture out on an excursion to Mount Brione to explore the First World War fortifications, following the Ponale road on foot or by bicycle.

Riva del Garda
Riva del Garda



One of the many places of interest of the Nago-Torbole area is Torbole’s colourful historic town centre, including its small port and old Austrian Customs House, the places where Goethe stayed on Lake Garda and the panoramic Belvedere terrace.

Nago-Torbole – Source: Wikimedia – Author: Zairon

There are several walking trails and some fantastic sporting opportunities in the surrounding area including a visit to the Marmitte dei Giganti, surfing, trekking with donkeys at Malga Zanga, the cycle path from Torbole to Arco, the Busatte-Tempesta hiking trail and the Parco delle Busatte adventure park.

Vista dal sentiero Busatte-Tempesta
Panoramic view from the Busatte-Tempesta path – Source: Wikimedia – Author: Giorgio Galeotti


First World War itinerary

Located on the border between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Kingdom of Italy, the Garda Trentino area marked the front line between the two countries and their armies during the First World War.

Today you can hike along the border and see evidence of the dramatic events that unfolded during the war by following the special historical-naturalistic itinerary of Monte Corno di Nago, the Stützpunkt Perlone and the Busa dei Capitani. Specific information is available on the website.


What to visit on Lake Garda: the map

The map below can help you find your way around the Trentino, Brescia and Verona areas of the lake: