Il Trucco e l’Anima (The Makeup and the Soul), reviews of stories, shows and theatrical nostalgia

The Centro Teatrale Bresciano does not interrupt its dialogue between the theatre and those who love it with two shows: "BS020 home theater" and "Il posto delle fragole" (in italian only)

TUESDAY 28TH APRIL 2020 This article is older than 1 year

Il Centro Teatrale Bresciano does not interrupt his dialogue between the theater, his artists and the people who love him and presents“Il Trucco e l’Anima”.
(In italian only)

Culture and theatre must now be protected and guarded with even more force, in the imagination and thought of each, to bring them back to sprout and grow together when the times allow it again.”

And try to weave a dialogue at a distance with the few means currently available to us, as you do through a letter, a postcard or a message exchanged between friends far away, because if our community has been hit hard, and we are going through moments of fear, Bewilderment, reflection and dutiful silence “It is necessary in this uncertain present to find also the strength to begin again to imagine, to do and to tell; and to seek with even greater tenacity the right words, that they make open thoughts, will and confidence for the future”.

Two rewiev from Centro Teatrale Bresciano:

A review of 8 Centro Teatrale Bresciano’s production shows

BS020 HOME THEATER. Le voci da dentro
A passionate gallery of short portraits of known or unknown people of the Brescia territory,

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