Sirmione Photo Residency: registrations open for the third edition

A two-week residency on Lake Garda to develop a photographic project in full autonomy

1 JANUARY - 31 MARCH 2024

A two-week residency on Lake Garda to develop a photographic project in full autonomy

The Sirmione Photo Residency is looking for talented photographers capable, with their sensitivity and skill, of revealing an unpublished image of Sirmione, discovering hidden and unexplored aspects. They must also be willing to be contaminated by an extraordinary place, full of history, nature and culture, capable of enriching the way we look at the world.
The selections for the third edition of the Sirmione Photo Residency are open: the selected artist will spend two weeks on the shores of Lake Garda to develop a photographic project dedicated to the fascinating area of Sirmione, an invitation to transform suggestions and inspirations into tangible and significant.

The initiative, now in its third edition this year, was born from the desire of the Sirmione Municipality to see its city in a new light: through the lens of photographers capable of producing an authentic and innovative representation of the territory and its community. The Sirmione Photo Residency, which has registered an interest and response above expectations since the first edition, launches the XV Edition of the Sirmione Award for Photography, made up of 5 different competitions.

The peculiarity of the Sirmione Photo Residency lies in the great freedom granted to participants to conceive, propose and carry out their own photographic project, letting themselves be inspired by Sirmione and its territory.

Two prestigious international photography experts will select the photographers and guide them in the realization of the project: Andréa Holzherr, Global Cultural Director of Magnum Photos, and Ludovica Pellegatta, Partnerships Director of Magnum Photos.
After the presentation of CUSTODI, the book by Davide Greco, protagonist of the first edition of the Sirmione Photo Residency, Simona Ghizzoni, the protagonist of the second edition has already been photographing in Sirmione and is working on her project which will be presented at the end of the summer 2024 and which will materialize in the creation of the second photographic book of the Sirmione Photo Residency.
We present in this gallery some preview images of Simona Ghizzoni‘s project: her work takes inspiration from the link between human beings and the environment through the rediscovery of the historical and mythical roots of the territory.
Thus the Roman photographer: “[…] The design idea for Sirmione Photo Residency fits into this framework. Lake Garda is a precious treasure chest of legends and traditions linked to water: Sirmione is, etymologically, the refuge on ‘water; the relationship between the nature of the territory and its inhabitants is a fundamental part of this investigation.”

The Sirmione Photo Residency is a research and development residency in which photography can become the key tool for tracing points of union between the different dimensions of collective living and translating into an opportunity for cultural and ethical growth of society.

Download the announcement of the third edition of the Sirmione Photo Residency with the information to participate.

In detail, to participate in the Sirmione Photo Residency it is necessary to deliver a single PDF document that contains:

• a photographic project already created and composed of no fewer than 20 images for which the date of production is not relevant (no connection between the project and Sirmione and/or Lake Garda is required). No more than one image per page must be inserted into the PDF document;

• an illustrative text of the project (maximum one page, in English); • the photographer’s curriculum vitae (in English);

• a summary of the project proposed for the Residency in Sirmione (in English) You have until 11.59pm on 31 March 2023 to submit your application.

The author of the selected project will be assigned:

• a two-week stay in Sirmione during the month of October 2024; • reimbursement of travel expenses (up to a maximum of €1,000);

• a total daily allowance of €2,500.00 for the two weeks;

• 50 copies of the volume which will be printed by the Municipality of Sirmione using the photographs from the photographic project created during the Photographic Residency in Sirmione. The volume will be printed only if the Municipality of Sirmione and the project supervisors deem the material produced during the Photographic Residency worthy of publication. Otherwise, no volume will be printed.

Sirmione Photo Residency: il comunicato stampa

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