Racconti dalla quarantena: incredible stories of ordinary people

A collective diary to tell the emergency days to grandchildren (in italian only)

WEDNESDAY 10TH JUNE 2020 This article is older than 1 year

Racconti dalla quarantena, storie incredibili di persone comuni is a blog created by the Sistema Bibliotecario Valli dei Mulini, not far from Varese.

Day after day, this quarantine blog has filled with stories about these still days, far from classes but not from studies.
Many have been far from their work, all away from meeting friends, from walks in the city centers and nature.

Racconti dalla quarantena, a way to continue to meet on the thread of words, on the sweet and stimulating sense of stories.
A collective diary to tell this “emergency” to our grandchildren.

How to sent your story to Racconti dalla quarantena.(in italian only)

Last week we proposed another initiative, in italian only, presented by the Piero Gobetti Study Center in Turin: Io racconto.

TAll the suggestions of #I STAY AT HOME but I don’t give up the culture (article in Italian only)