Io racconto

Stories to tell how we are living the great emergency that is changing our everyday life (in italian only)

TUESDAY 2ND JUNE 2020 This article is older than 1 year

Io Racconto is not a literary competition, it is an italian initiative (in italian only) that wants to give space to emotions and offer everyone the opportunity to “write”, because writing is “the creation of a world” and through the creation of a story we allow others to know each other.

Io Racconto is an initiative of the Centro Studi Piero Gobetti, an important cultural institute in Turin, aimed at writing enthusiasts, readers, students and all those who wish to engage with writing to communicate in this period of isolation.

To participate, send to the Centro studi Piero Gobetti short stories that express how you are experiencing the great emergency that is changing our everyday life.

The story of Centro studi Piero Gobetti

All the suggestions of #I STAY AT HOME but I don’t give up the culture (article in Italian only)