The 4R rule

Collect, Recycle, Reuse and Save: a collaboration project between primary school children in Sirmionem, Sirmione Servizi and One Lab

FRIDAY 22ND APRIL 2022 This article is older than 1 year

On the international Earth Day the children of the primary school of Sirmione, in collaboration with One Lab and Sirmione Servizi, created a series of drawings and elaborations on the 4R theme: collect, recycle, reuse and save.

Through games, outings on the territory and various activities, the children discussed the topic of “waste management” from separation to reuse, without forgetting the importance of reducing waste and energy consumption.

Here is the video that collects the entire project, a story in drawings that simply illustrates to the community the importance of virtuous behavior for an eco-sustainable world. An exhibition of the works is held at the recycling depot of Sirmione: a way to involve users in good practices for safeguarding the planet.