The war is over

The Second World War ended on May 7 75 years ago. In a torn world and in a Europe divided into two blocks, that idea of democracy that we still defend

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World War II ended on 7 May 75 years ago, the largest armed conflict in history, costing humanity six years of suffering, destruction and massacres with a total estimated death ranging between 55 and 60 million people .

Worl War II RAI Cultura archive offers numerous insights on the topic, with archive images, articles, videos, testimonies and historical notes on the conflict (in italian only)

According to historians, three battles were decisive for the fate of the Second World War, three crucial junctions that determined the outcome of the conflict.

The naval battle of the Midway islands, in the Pacific ocean, that of Stalingrad, in the Soviet Union and that of El Alamein in the Egyptian desert.

The first, the Battle of the Midway, fought between 4 and 7 June 1942 in the waters of the Midway atoll in the Philippine archipelago, was decisive for the supremacy of the United States over Japan in the Pacific Ocean.

The second, the Battle of Stalingrad, marked the first major political-military defeat of Nazi Germany and its allies on the eastern front as well as the beginning of the Soviet advance towards the west. The dramatic siege of the city lasted 7 months and cost nearly a million and a half deaths.

The third, the Battle of El Alamein, in which British success marked the turning point in the North African Campaign, which ended in May 1943 with the surrender of Axis forces in Tunisia.

BBC News dedicates a photo gallery to the arrival of Soviet troops in Berlin on April 16, 1945.

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