The Library of Sirmione: culture close to citizens

The numbers tell us about an active and lively cultural centre

Published on : 22 February 2023 This article is older than 1 year

An extremely rich library heritage, competent librarians, hospitality, great attention to relations and a lively and diversified cultural offer make the Public Library of Sirmione a particularly attractive place for Sirmione citizens and tourists.

Translated into numbers, thanks to the statistics processed by the Brescia East Library System, this means that in Sirmione in 2022 every inhabitant borrowed an average of over than 2 books; 2.27 to be exact.
One of the best data among all those of the libraries which, like Sirmione, are part of the Bresciana and Cremonese Library Network; an already very active inter-library pole which makes available a heritage of over 6 million volumes.

Sirmione is a gateway to this heritage to which is added its own heritage of over 40,000 documents. In Sirmione in 2022 the sum of “documents” on local loan (19,048) and documents loaned to other libraries (5088) was equal to 24,136, with an increase compared to 2021 and 2020, the year of the pandemic, which led to a sharp reduction in the activity of libraries in general.

The data on the weekly opening hours of the Sirmione library is significant, standing at 37.5 compared to an average of 15.7 for the libraries of the Bresciana and Cremonese Networks.

The numbers of the Sirmione library are the result of the great attention that the Municipal Administration has been dedicating for many years to this strategic service, which together with the tourist and cultural services, constitutes a real and extremely active and lively “Culture Pole”.