The Farmer’s Market: the food community

Every Wednesday from from 8:00am to 1:00pm from producer to consumer

WEDNESDAYS FROM 8:00AM TO 1:00PM, PIAZZA VIRGILIO This article is older than 6 months

To get to know the best of the productions, including organic ones, of the provinces of Brescia, Mantua and Verona, meet on Wednesday mornings, from 8:00am to 1:00pm in Piazza Virgilio, in Colombare, with the Farmer’s Market.

This is a new opportunity for the citizens of Sirmione to get to know the best of farm products, including organic ones, in the provinces of Brescia, Mantua and Verona: seasonal fruit and vegetables, cow’s milk, goat’s and buffalo cheeses, oil and wines , bakery and gastronomy products, fresh pasta, poultry, pork and beef, honey, beer, mushrooms, fish, eggs, flowers and citrus plants, aromatic plants and essential oils.

Mercato Contadino di Sirmione, farm

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