The big wood boat

Did you know that until after World War II, wood for the stoves in Sirmione arrived by boat?

LUNEDÌ 10 MAGGIO 2021 This article is older than 1 year

Until after World War II, when houses were still heated by stoves, wood arrived in Sirmione on a large boat, which can be seen in many old photographs and postcards. In those times, when there were few distractions, the boat that came from places never seen before, stimulated the curiosity of the young people of the town, as these verses by Mario Arduino testify:

Dall’alto lago discendeva lento
alla verde penisola il barcone
che portava la legna per l’inverno.
Quando lasciava il porto, alle sue vele
affidavamo sogni avventurosi.”

From the upper end of the lake, the boat descended slowly
to the green peninsula
carrying wood for the winter.
When it left the port
we entrusted our dreams of adventures, to his sails