Play, read and explore in the new children area of the Public Library

A completely renovated space dedicated to children. To be together and grow together

Published on : 22 March 2023 This article is older than 1 year

Fun, colourful, transparent and soft, this is how Umberto Eco imagined modern libraries, and this is how the new Children’s Area 0-6 of the Public Library of Sirmione was imagined and created: a welcoming space dedicated to the little ones to stimulate their creativity and their desire to explore the world around them.

New materials, educational resources, furnishings and games await children and parents in a safe, modern and lively environment. The new Children’s Area is a place specially designed for them, where workshops and initiatives are born thanks also to the professionalism of educators and librarians.

The redesign of the area has brought new furnishings, colored chairs and tables, the “soft corner” has been expanded and improved to give children a sense of security and softness with large cushions, rugs, poufs and sofas.
The shelves have been reorganized in order to allow for a better display of the books and the general arrangement of the spaces has been redesigned to make them more functional to the needs of the children.

The new children’s area is ready to host the next Book Club KIDS which will be held on Thursday 20th April at 17:00!

The redevelopment of the library is part of the objectives set out in the IFLA-UNESCO Manifesto of public libraries 2022. According to this document, libraries have the task of creating and strengthening the habit of reading in children from birth to adulthood, initiating and supporting literacy activities and programs to develop reading and writing skills.
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