“Running photographers” in Sirmione

Participants in the Sirmione 10% Photo Marathon kick off 12 months of challenges

FROM APRIL 2ND UNTIL 31ST OCTOBER 2023 This article is older than 1 year

The images of the first “photo race” of 2023 in Sirmione: the participants in the Sirmione 10% Photo Marathon captured by Sara Pampuri’s lens during the race in early April.

There was hardly time to dwell on 4 winning photographs and out of the 59 in competition before the second challenge started: Block Notes Photo Contest, online competition in 4 weekly sessions from 10 April to 7 May.

Until 4th June, with a little more time therefore, the winning photos of the Sirmione 10% Photo Marathon 2023 and of all the competitions of the Sirmione Award for Photography 2022 are displayed in the exhibition NOTES. A photographic composition of Lake Garda opened in Palazzo Callas Exhibitions.

Sirmione Award for Photography 2023, all the competitions and news

The photo gallery of Sirmione 10% Photo Marathon, 2nd April 2023, ph Sara Pampuri, © Comune di Sirmione