Block Notes Photo Contest: the Garda online photo challenge

Explore the world around you with your camera

FROM MONDAY 10TH APRIL UNTIL SUNDAY 7TH MAY 2023 This article is older than 1 year

10th APRIL – 7th MAY 2023

Tell with your pictures the world around you and take part in Lake Garda Block Notes Photo Contest 2023. 
Divided into four different sessions, each lasting one week, the Block Notes Photo Contest is open to everyone and the participation is free.
Each photographer can take part with a photograph for each week, to be sent before 11:59 pm on Sunday.
The pictures can be taken everywhere, it is not necessary that they are related to Sirmione and lake Garda.

4 weeks, 1 theme for each week to explore the world around you with your camera 

ME (from 10th to 16th April)
MY HOME (from 17th to 23rd April)
MY NEIGHBORHOOD (from 24th to 30th April)
MY CITY (from 1st to 7th May)
For each of the 4 weeks each participant can present a photograph referring to a specific spatial, social and existential dimension. As the titles of the themes suggest, the intimate and individual dimension becomes increasingly public and collective. The photographers can tell about themselves, their home, their neighborhood, their city through images that depict people, spaces, objects, animals.

Weekly winner
Exclusive guided tour for 2 people “To discover secrets and hidden places of Grottoes of Catullus”.
Publication of the photograph on the official tourist portal and on Facebook and Instagram channels of Municipality of Sirmione.

FINAL PRIZE (for those who took part in all the 4 weeks of the contest)
A stay in Sirmione for two people (2 nights and breakfast).


All the winners of  Block Notes Photo Contest 2022

You can see all the winning photos of the Sirmione Award for Photography 2022 at the exhibition:
NOTE. Photographic composition of Lake Garda, open at Palazzo Callas Exhibitions until 4 June 2023

Ph. Antonella Pallavicino, Sirmione Award for Photography 2022