Women who have gone through history

An exhibition of Elealtratto, a gallery of female portraits

FROM SUNDAY 7TH MAY TO THURSDAY 22ND JUNE 2023, CASCINA MADDALENA This article is older than 1 year

Donne che hanno attraversato la storia
tra Sirmione, Brescia e Bergamo
Cascina Maddalena
7th May – 22nd June 2023
Opening Sunday 7th May, 11 am

On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Maria Callas, of her bond with Sirmione and of “Brescia – Bergamo capital of culture 2023”, Elealtratto (Elena Volongo) tells us unknown or forgotten stories of women who have gone through the history of these places.

During the inauguration on Sunday 7th May at 11 am, the poet Franca Grisoni will also be present who will accompany the itinerary of the exhibition with some excerpts from her work in Sirmione dialect “Medea”.

For information and to visit the exhibition: info@cascinamaddalena.com

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