Diamo del salame a tutti!

Promotional tasting days at the Farmer's Market in Sirmione

FROM 3RD MAY TO 5TH JULY 2023, FROM 8:00 AM TO 1:00 PM, PIAZZA VIRGILIO This article is older than 1 year

In the spirit of the slogan “Let’s give salami to everyone”, the farmer’s market proposes three tastings on Wednesdays to make the products of the farms better known.

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3rd May
Milky Way
The milky way that twists and turns through the fields, combines a dozen family-run dairies that work about 90,000 quintals of milk, thanks to which the dairy tradition of the farm continues to be a cornerstone of agricultural culture, made of ancient craftsmanship and new innovations.

7th June
Let’s give salami to everyone
A tasting aimed at enhancing the producers of salami and making known the quality of their product. The aim pursued over the years by producers has been to update the method of preparation, refining it with attention to the preservation of rural traditions and health protection. Each company has its own recipe, jealously shielded, which is the reason why each salami enhances different tastes, to be discovered on this dedicated day.

5th July
Melons from biodiversity
Great variety of ancient melons served fresh. Biodiversity is a fundamental cultural, economic and health resource. Consorzio has always supported the work of the custodian farmers and has contributed to the recovery of many endangered varieties.  At the farmer’s market in Sirmione you can find ancient varieties of melons served fresh.

Farmer’s market in Sirmione
Wednesday morning, from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm in Piazza Virgilio, Colombare